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Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine your food.

As scientific knowledge grows, we are starting to realize that poor nutrition is the root cause of almost every ailment. But we also know that our ancestors lived relatively disease free lives without being health conscious, so why all this fuss nowadays about nutrition? It’s because our food and environment are not what they used to be.

Where fruits & vegetables used to be organically grown, they are now treated with Pesticides and fertilizers. Animals are fed with hormones and anti-antibiotics. Our food is processed, packaged and prepared in such a way that it is estimated that only 6% of the nutrients remain by the time we eat some of our food. If that’s not enough, our bodies then also have to cope with the harmful effects of other modern lifestyle hazards such as pollution and daily stresses.

With Cili Bao you can eat what you want and still expect to enjoy a healthy and productive life.

Cili Health S.A (Pty) Limited is the developer, manufacturer and Trademark holder of the Cili Bao natural product range.

Gerhard Joubert established the product range in 1994 after realizing the potential life changing effect of the Cili Bao Fruit. The benefits of the Cili Bao based products quickly spread as unsolicited articles in the Sunday Times. Landbou Weekblad, Beeld and Keur appeared, about people and animals experiencing the almost miraculous working of the Cili Bao Fruit.

Even though more than 80,000 people and 30,000 animals have already experienced the benefits of the Cili Bao products, it soon became evident that one single product cannot provide the total health solution. The plethora of health products and systems makes it very difficult for the general public to make sense out of this. We believe that the company that can help people make sense out of all this health talk, will be the first to gain from the growing public interest in health and will establish an insurmountable lead in the market.

In 1996 this lead to the conception of the Cili Bao Lifestyle. This Lifestyle Program is continuously being developed with the addition of new products that align with the philosophy of an integrated healthy natural lifestyle. The most exciting addition to our product range is the “Rolls Royce” of all high energy meals, the Cili Bao Peak Performance 5–in–1 meal range, was developed and has met with amazing success even before the product was formally launched in the market. Various South African Springbok athletes are already using the product with great results.

Marketing Sectors

• The Entire Family
• Children
• Active and sports persons
• Businesses
• Factories
• Mass feeding schemes
• The aged
• Medical
• Diary
• Veterinary & Equine (race)

Essential Natural Wholefood for the Entire Family

Each portion containing a vast majority of the daily required enzymes and natural occurring micro molecular vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Care has been taken to ensure that not one of our products are exposed to high heat or preservatives. Our products are natural and still offer the consumer an extended shelf life.

Product Quality

All Cili Health S.A products are submitted to the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) for quality and oxidation testing.

Cili Health S.A – Additional Services

In addition to the standard product range that has been developed by the Cili Health S.A. The company offers other product lines which are defined as supportive product lines. These are products that are offered to the accredited outlets at a reduced profit margin. All these products are however imperative in the success of the Cili Health’s own product range. Through our newly established Internet web pages and other media supportive web pages.

  1. International order placing for routing distribution of the products ordered from a specific country and the required outlet.
  2. International booking of alternated and supportive services which will be based upon approved Cili Health S.A. related services.
  3. Consolidation of international product information, training and accounting services.
  4. The generation of the disabled child and adult support programs two aid the various aid organizations.