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Human Products

 Cili Bao 160

Cili Bao® Human Products Range


Cili Bao® Pure Fruit Elixir – Liquid Extracts – 60% Active
Restore Formula 200ml (Normal and Low BP) (Organic Honey)- 60% active
Restore Formula 500ml (Normal and Low BP) (Organic Sugar)-60% Active
Critical Care Formula 500 ml (Normal and High BP) (Organic Sugar)-60% Active

Cili Bao® Pure Fruit Elixir – Capsule – 100% Active
Cili Bao® Antioxidant and Cell Rejuvenation Formula
Cili Bao® Joint Bone and Heart Formula
* Free of sweeteners and natural sugars that can cause sugar imbalance

Cili Bao® Antioxidant Liquid Formulas – 14% Active
Antioxidant Maintenance – 500ml
Antioxidant Peak Performance Formula with Arthritis & HBP support
Antioxidant with Secomet – Antiviral Support – 500ml

Cili Bao® Peak Performance Meals – 1,98mg Active per 50g Active
Simply Better Nutrition – Maize Meal
Power Food – Immunoforce – Immune Support *
Breakfast Meal – Infant, Children and Adults
Endurance Meal – High Activity Support Meal *
Competitor Meal – Business People and a preferred Event Support Meal *
Body in Balance Meal – Digestive Tract support and Candida Control
*Wheat and Gluten Free

Cili Bao® Alpha Beta Microbes Probiotic Formula – 5% Active
Alpha Beta Microbes – Restore Formula
Alpha Beta Microbes – Maintenance Formula
Promotes :
Lung and Respiratory Tract Support
Digestive Tract Support
Promote Friendly Flora in digestive tract
Acid control& Anti Reflux support
Kidney and Bladder support
Irritable Bowl and Colon Function support

Cili Bao® Chlorella Pyrenoidosa
Chlorella Pyrenoidosa Tablets – 300 x 250mg

Cili Bao® Skin rejuvenation cream
Cellule Régénéré Skin rejuvenation cream – 50g

Cili Bao® Immune Supercharge (IMS)
Immune Modulator and Acid Balance – 25 and 50g