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Future Medicine Strategy

A New era is dawning for Traditional Medicine as we know it.

A Memorandum of Understanding was entered into by the parties for the ratification and formalisation of:

  1. African Traditional Medicine (ATM)) Higher Education and Training Program
  2. Development of short courses to facilitate recognition for prior learning
  3. A web based Education Management System
  4. A web based Tele-Management system (Practitioner and Patient)
  5. Research, efficacy, quality in respect of Indigenous African and International Medicine
  6. Program to establish an International Seed bank
  7.  Development of herbal cultivation and proliferation strategies
  8. A strategy to ensure the relocation of herbal plants in the wild
  9. Research and development of condition specific indigenous formula
  10. Manufacturing and commercialisation of condition specific formula

MOU Picture and Members and IKS Executive  DTI
MOU Picture and Members and IKS Executive DTI