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Lifestyle Programs

Cili Bao 160

Essential natural wholefood for the whole family.

Whereas every building requires a firm and sound foundation to prevent the structure from collapsing likewise does the human and animal body require a sound foundation to ensure that the body is provided with the necessary health giving nutrients on a daily basis. Each program has been developed as a total supplement replacement program, meal replacement and balanced Lifestyle support regiment to provide the body with those nutrients which are normally lost or absent in today’s highly processed environment.

We have developed Lifestyle Nutritional Support Programs for

Healthy Infants & Children
Infants & Children Under Treatment
Adult Lifestyle Maintenance
Adult Under Treatment Program
Diabetic/Dietetic Maintenance Program
Weight Management and Detoxification Program
Colon Cleansing and Detoxification Program
Restore and Maintain Body in Balance
Restore & Maintain a Nutritional Foundation Program

Pet Care
Family Pet Care Programs